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    High-voltage electrical insulating sleeve

    Temperature Resistance: > 150℃, 180℃ and 220℃ ;Main Materials: Epoxy resin plus alkali-free glass fiber△Color: Natural light green, other others can be customized△Voltage Resistance: 10-1,000KV△Internal Diameter Range: > 6mm△Length Range: > 1mm△Thickness: >0.3mm;Mechanical Strength: High (adjust ac...
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    High-voltage Electrical Insulating Sleeve
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    2021-08-24 16:57:34

Our products: Epoxy glass fiber reinforced entwined tube with complete specification is developed for 110kV~1,000kV composite hollow insulators, reactors, arresters, fuses, mutual inductors, on load tap changers, transformers and other high-voltage electrical equipment structures, with performance parameters reaching IEC standards, and nationally advanced level. It is entwined by uninterrupted fiber wet method; twining angle, ±50~55 (we can adjust twining angle to reach your mechanical performance requirement); fiber content (weight ratio), 70~75%; density, 2.00 g/cm3; water absorption, 0.01 %; axial thermal expansion coefficient, 1.8 E-05 1/K; glass transition temperature, 110~120 ℃; chemical resisting mineral oil: excellent; solvent and dilute acid: good; tensile elastic modulus, axially 14,000 MPa; tensile strength: axially 280 MPa; tensile strength: annularly 600 MPa; compressive strength: axially 240 MPa; bending strength: axially 350 MPa; shearing strength: 150 MPa; relative dielectric constant: 2-3.2; dielectric dissipation factor: 0.003-0.015; partial discharge capacity≤5; insulation strength: axially 3~6 kV/mm; insulation strength: radially 10~12 kV/mm; lightning impact: 110 KVP; power frequency impact: 50 KV; thermal rating: B, F and H; internal diameter>6mm ; external diameter<500mm; length<1,500mm. The above data is only for reference, our sleeve parameters are customized according to customer demands.


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